Lesson 85

Today's review will cover these ideas:

   (69) My grievances hide the light of the world in me
My grievances show me what is not there, and hide from me what I would see Recognizing this, what do I want my grievances for? They keep me in darkness and hide the light. Grievances and light cannot go together, but light and vision must be joined for me to see. To see, I must lay grievances aside. I want to see, and this will be the means by which I will succeed.
Specific applications for this idea might be made in these forms:
Let me not use this as a block to sight
The light of the world will shine all this away
I have no need for this I want to see.
(70) My salvation comes from me
Today I will recognize where my salvation is It is in me because its Source is there. It has not left its Source, and so it cannot have left my mind. I will not look for it outside myself. It is not found outside and then brought in. But from within me it will reach beyond, and everything I see will but reflect the light that shines in me and in itself.
These forms of the idea are suitable for more specific applications:
Let this not tempt me to look away from me
for my salvation
I will not let this interfere with my awareness
of the Source of my salvation
This has no power to remove salvation from me